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Alison Clark is a freelance Artist and Graphic Designer from New Mexico. She is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her combination of realism mixed with her pop art style electrifyingly captures any moment. Her obsession and knowledge of color, immersive visual imagery, and extraordinary attention to detail transcends into digital art with effective and clear typography, compelling storytelling, and dedication to transforming concepts into engaging creative assets.

Artist Statement


"At the heart of my practice lies a deep reverence for the creative process itself—a sacred journey of self-discovery and evolution. With each creation, I surrender to the flow of inspiration allowing intuition to guide me. My commitment to art is rooted in a profound belief in its capacity to inspire, to provoke, and to endure. As I continue to explore the boundless possibilities of artistic expression, I remain steadfast in my dedication to preserving the sanctity and significance of the art realm—a realm where art transcends pixels, and emerges as a tangible manifestation of the human spirit."   
                                                                                                                                      --- Alison Clark

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